How to intensify your Bioprocess in six episodes

Get the Most Out of Protein A Capture

Episode Summary

What are the key considerations when designing your process for the Protein A capture step? Gunnar Malmquist shares the key parameters for both fed-batch and perfusion upstream processes.

Episode Notes

Gunnar Malmquist – Principal Scientist, BioProcess R&D, Cytiva

Gunnar Malmquist focuses on resin design strategies, Quality by Design and PAT, as well as using multivariate data analytics and mechanistic modelling to understand biomanufacturing processes.

Gunnar started his career at Pharmacia Fine Chemicals in 1979, working with quality control of chromatographic separation resins. He was later involved in the development of the ÄKTA chromatographic system and the UNICORN software, before moving in 1997 to R&D for preparative chromatographic resins. He has been responsible for the design of several of the leading resins on the market, including MabSelect and Capto.